Tuesday, July 24, 2012

how to look at a Russian girl?

Look, just once thrown on a Russian woman can decide the outcome of seduction. On this issue, we are in different groups of training carried out the study. Where the right to look to captivate a woman, and how?

Pursuing a psychological training, we conducted experiments in several groups of people. Participants came to the girls standing in the street, and looked at them. Silently, almost a minute. Do not smile. Then he left. Another participant came to the Russian girl and asked, "Tell me what you felt from the look of that guy?". It was in different places - at bus stops, shopping malls, subways. Total number of experiments carried out!

The first - students looking Russian girls on the lips.

80% of Russian women answered that they did not feel anything special - a cold look. Basically they did not wait and left or departed with a sour expression on his face.

Second - students looking Russian girl between the eyes, while a few meters away from her, and exactly at the point between the eyes!

The majority of Russian women and men have the impression that they are going to beat. This led to retaliatory aggression. And sometimes they even began to say: "Fuck off."

The third - the students looked in one eye - the left or right. But in one. They chose one of his eyes and began to look at him without blinking.

The condition was - not to smile. In the first two experiments, it was possible easily. But in this - no! Most Russian girls began to laugh and talk to the guy.

Almost all the girls had one answer: "I was wondering what kind of guy who so bravely looking at me! It did not take his eyes off me for a moment ... What have you got? ".

"Once he got a bit confused, I looked away. But when once again looked at him and saw the same look - I was curious and I asked him what he wants - to meet? But he was silent and did not smile. Then I was terribly funny. "

We asked participants not to blink and do not come off. In 10% of Russian women, after a moment of such a view there was a desire to kiss a stranger guy!

What happens to a Russian woman when a man looks at her in one eye? There is something incredible. She begins to feel embarrassed and looks away. Either play the staring and feel attracted to a man looking into her eyes!

Further, we do continue to carry out such experiments.

The first eye contact:

Leslie: "I'm walking and caught views of the Russian women who come forward. I saw a Russian girl, approaching me, and began to watch her in one eye without blinking.

Most Russian girls the eye does not give! Virtually all continue to watch! Some lose once. But if they look away, you then must look again when I'll take a look!

Those women who do not want to play in the daylight, often begin to smile. Perhaps half of them on average. And, if I start to smile at first, they often ignore the start and begin to look the other way. In the common people call it this way: accents. Smiled the first.

In fact, open smile means you're open to man. For example, where I also tried to do this experiment, in Israel or Egypt, or in Europe, open smile is a sort of greeting. It is better to wait until she smiles, then it would mean for her, that she first went to the contact. And smile at her. It can strike up a conversation - an interesting way to explore the beautiful girl devushkoy.Chem, the more likely it starts to play the game staring, and the confidence - the reluctant surrender it!

Often, when meeting, I used this pattern: I approached the girl and looked her in one eye. I usually look to the right. I feel so comfortable.

It usually responds as follows:

"Hey, we know each other?".

"No, why do you shake with a stranger?" Or "Do you see me?". (Often women meet with people whom they have not seen - 21st Century Technologies IT :))

I answered: "Yes, I'm the one you expect!".

One time I was, therefore, took home the beauty of that said, "You - Sergei?".

I replied, "Yes" :) I would have said yes anyway, because the first question is a woman I used to automatically answer YES! Try it and see why this is important :)

Sergey she wrote such a letter two months that he saw me, and I think it went without any problems with me wherever I took it.

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