Monday, September 10, 2012

How to spend the holiday

       Start in advance, for a few days, talk about how you want to celebrate March 8 this year? You can even say that, in fact not really like sweets (chocolate, jelly, etc.), and that just did not want to offend him, so do not tell the truth Russian woman.
     Tell me, what kind of flowers you really like, how to actually want to spend a holiday and what is actually a gift for you, and that - no.
     The best option is still the one where you just tell the truth. As I wrote, this is about your self-esteem and your self-esteem favorite. Respect yourself and your preferences so that you have no desire to pretend to be like everyone else. If you do not go skiing, do not play tennis now fashionable, do not speak 3 languages ​​and a lot more you do not do not need to invent for himself what is not.
      If you do not want to go to a nightclub or a party where there will be trouble for you people - do not have to force yourself and pretend that you are "crazy good, and you are happy to dance all night, and early tomorrow morning to go to school or work ".
      No need to say what is not and come up with some kind of "super serious" excuses. Just say it is. Even if the man will have to persuade and convince that "everything will be great" (the work of men such push their point of view and defend their position), does not have to agree, if you do not want. Because, not having fun on the event, then you will break his frustration again on his favorite.
     Learn to just tell the truth and say "no" or "yes", it all depends on the circumstances. But to say nothing, without excuses and trying to look better than you are. And especially never make excuses for what you like, for what you do not like, and for his desire to Russian women.
     If you do not like someone or something, do not be ashamed of this. Each person has their own preferences and their views on life. And not to dissolve and lose yourself in a great number of people around us, is simply to be sincere. Maybe someone you do not understand, someone will leave your environment may be your man at all, and not yours, but that does not mean that you will not find their man Russian woman.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

how to look at a Russian girl?

Look, just once thrown on a Russian woman can decide the outcome of seduction. On this issue, we are in different groups of training carried out the study. Where the right to look to captivate a woman, and how?

Pursuing a psychological training, we conducted experiments in several groups of people. Participants came to the girls standing in the street, and looked at them. Silently, almost a minute. Do not smile. Then he left. Another participant came to the Russian girl and asked, "Tell me what you felt from the look of that guy?". It was in different places - at bus stops, shopping malls, subways. Total number of experiments carried out!

The first - students looking Russian girls on the lips.

80% of Russian women answered that they did not feel anything special - a cold look. Basically they did not wait and left or departed with a sour expression on his face.

Second - students looking Russian girl between the eyes, while a few meters away from her, and exactly at the point between the eyes!

The majority of Russian women and men have the impression that they are going to beat. This led to retaliatory aggression. And sometimes they even began to say: "Fuck off."

The third - the students looked in one eye - the left or right. But in one. They chose one of his eyes and began to look at him without blinking.

The condition was - not to smile. In the first two experiments, it was possible easily. But in this - no! Most Russian girls began to laugh and talk to the guy.

Almost all the girls had one answer: "I was wondering what kind of guy who so bravely looking at me! It did not take his eyes off me for a moment ... What have you got? ".

"Once he got a bit confused, I looked away. But when once again looked at him and saw the same look - I was curious and I asked him what he wants - to meet? But he was silent and did not smile. Then I was terribly funny. "

We asked participants not to blink and do not come off. In 10% of Russian women, after a moment of such a view there was a desire to kiss a stranger guy!

What happens to a Russian woman when a man looks at her in one eye? There is something incredible. She begins to feel embarrassed and looks away. Either play the staring and feel attracted to a man looking into her eyes!

Further, we do continue to carry out such experiments.

The first eye contact:

Leslie: "I'm walking and caught views of the Russian women who come forward. I saw a Russian girl, approaching me, and began to watch her in one eye without blinking.

Most Russian girls the eye does not give! Virtually all continue to watch! Some lose once. But if they look away, you then must look again when I'll take a look!

Those women who do not want to play in the daylight, often begin to smile. Perhaps half of them on average. And, if I start to smile at first, they often ignore the start and begin to look the other way. In the common people call it this way: accents. Smiled the first.

In fact, open smile means you're open to man. For example, where I also tried to do this experiment, in Israel or Egypt, or in Europe, open smile is a sort of greeting. It is better to wait until she smiles, then it would mean for her, that she first went to the contact. And smile at her. It can strike up a conversation - an interesting way to explore the beautiful girl devushkoy.Chem, the more likely it starts to play the game staring, and the confidence - the reluctant surrender it!

Often, when meeting, I used this pattern: I approached the girl and looked her in one eye. I usually look to the right. I feel so comfortable.

It usually responds as follows:

"Hey, we know each other?".

"No, why do you shake with a stranger?" Or "Do you see me?". (Often women meet with people whom they have not seen - 21st Century Technologies IT :))

I answered: "Yes, I'm the one you expect!".

One time I was, therefore, took home the beauty of that said, "You - Sergei?".

I replied, "Yes" :) I would have said yes anyway, because the first question is a woman I used to automatically answer YES! Try it and see why this is important :)

Sergey she wrote such a letter two months that he saw me, and I think it went without any problems with me wherever I took it.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

How to assess at a glance your partner's temper

It is believed that one can determine how a Russian woman is good in bed, on the basis of preliminary estimates of its appearance. How to assess read on.

Let's start with the head, that is, with the hair. Long-groomed hair, pleasing to the eye, but beware, if the braid from the nape to the priests. The fact that long hair requires a very serious care and a lot of time. And this is indirect evidence that their owner was accustomed to approach everything in life seriously and thoroughly. This lady certainly prefers long and delicious prelude, and its annoying any deviation from its pre-planned schedule. At worst, it is - a supporter of the traditional and, alas, very monotonous this case, and to require it, for example, otnsheny in the restaurant or on a windowsill men's room is simply meaningless. Tip: If you are looking for something hot, you should pay attention to girls with very short hair. Clipping the hair, the woman psychologically as it is challenging and the challenge, it usually means the desire and expectation of change.

We all know that the eyes - a mirror of the soul. By the way she looks at you, you can easily judge about some of the important features of her character. If she looks you straight in the eye, not avoiding direct eye contact, which means that in bed she is quite confident and quite versatile, from dialogue to get you maximum pleasure. If during a call, she was sitting with downcast eyes, or her eyes, like a pair of poisoned birds, running from corner to corner, hard to avoid your eyes, you know that in bed she is also going to be very shy. Do not be afraid of Russian girls with glasses (I do not mean a massive frame glasses with thick lenses.) Points behind the scenes show the high formation of a Russian girl. A Statistical college girls are much more restless and inventive than their less educated friends. In addition, the Russian girls with higher education, as a rule, are concerned about their careers, and therefore do not seek to create with you a strong unit of society.

It is believed that full lips evidence of sensuality. This is good, but sometimes you have yet to wake up. Note the smile. It provides the most sincere person.

Remember that Russian women dress code is never accidental. The open neckline, a mini-skirt for a free talk about the case.

Well-built round buttocks - an obvious sign of good muscle tone, and for you - a very good sign. Numerous studies show that women who attend the gym and have a daily physical activity, more sensual, than those who prefer to spend their lives on the couch with a box of chocolates.

Well, here briefly to such advice. And the rest, experience and practice will tell. And of course, the heart. Good luck to you!

Do you want to win the heart of a Russian woman?

Do you want to win the heart of a Russian woman? If so, follow these tips:
Watch for their appearance (not only in rhyme described).

Be a neat and simple. Tan on the Champ de Mars

The body is cut, pick up the mantle of a clean growth ...

Do not disgrace his head awkwardly haircut? ...

His hair and beard, require deft hand;

Let your nails do not stick out, fringed black mud,

And none of the hair looks hollow nostrils;

Let the pure breath does not smell heavy nesvezhestyu

And from the armpits of your herd is not breathing goat ...


You may not be beautiful (Don Juan is not handsome, too), but you do not have the right to be stupid.

To earn the love, the one little beauty.

You will make to the beauty of a small fraction of the mind.

Lay not the same hopes for body beauty unreliable

No matter how you were beautiful, something to bear in mind.


Three. Do you want to look smart - less talk.

Often, dumb eyes eloquent lips.


4. You are an intelligent man - do not argue with the angry Russian woman.

Five. Do not be angry, be patient and to women's whims, a deaf ear to women's accusations (but do not forget to pretend that you listen to it carefully.)

Would you like to stay love - Forget any pride.


6. Be accommodating and attentive.

7. Remind yourself if you want to be always remembered a Russian woman.

Let a friend will get used to you, the habit is all-powerful! ...

Suppose she sees it and let you hear all the time.


Eight. Conquer his chosen gentle and tender words about her appearance.

As the river constantly sharpening his impending termination,

Never tired of praising her face, hair, hands,

Bending a thin fingers, legs, baby sledok.

To hear the praises of its beauty and shy happy:

Each own kind of value above all else.


9. Stretches love the game and a pleasure to a Russian woman.

10. Try to hide his attraction to a Russian woman.

11. Do not tell your friends about your relationship.

12. Remember, the discussion is possible only in each other's arms

13. Happy Holidays love. Provide women with signs of attention.

To please a woman should NOT:

- Worn or holey socks;

- Wearing wrinkled pants and shirts;

- Wearing dirty shoes;

- Wear jewelry;

- Be in the breast pocket pen sticking out;

- Wearing very bright colors of clothing;

- To wear shorts and tight T-shirts with clearly superfluous kilograms;

And yet, you can follow the advice of Socrates:

Marry, no matter what.

If you got a good wife, you will be the exception,

and if the bad - will become a philosopher.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Russian girls and lavalife

- Graf, - russian women said - you forget that your polite foreigner do not understand English girl!
- Excuse me, my angel! It is clear to the best of all British women in the world! - With these words he released my hand and calmly raised his hand to his lips, his wife. 
I ran upstairs to find refuge in her room. If I had time to think about when I was alone, my own thoughts would have caused me much suffering. But there was no time to think. Fortunately, time was running out, and this consciousness has supported my courage and serenity - I just had to act. It was necessary to write the first attorney to Mr. Fairlie, and I, without a moment's hesitation, sat down at his desk. I do not have to choose who to turn to for help, I could count only on itself, more than anyone else. Sir Percival has not been in the neighborhood no friends or relatives that I could write. He had no friends among people who hold in the light of the same position as him. With neighbors on the estate, he did not know and was soon with them in a bad relationship .. We both had no father, no brother who could come and be our protection. It only remained to write these two are not very convincing letter. If we were to Laura tried to flee from the Blekuoter Park, all further peace talks with Sir Percival would have been impossible. All have condemned us for it. Nothing but the prospects of imminent death, could not serve us as an excuse in case of such escape. At first I had to try, if we do not help writing.
I have not written about russian women Anna Katerik attorney, because (as I said to Laura), it has been linked with the mystery that we could not explain, and therefore report it to the lawyer was useless. I gave the attorney include the shameful behavior of Sir Percival with new differences with his wife about money matters. I just asked him to board m asking if you can take legitimate steps to protect Laura if russian women wanted to leave Blekuoter Park and return to me for some time in Limmeridzh, and her husband would not agree to this. Regarding the details of her departure, I sent out his to Mr. Farley, assuring him that the writing itself, with the consent of Laura. I finished my letter asking to act as quickly as possible and to use the rule of law, to help us.
Then I took the letter to Mr. Farley. To make it a little shake up, I turned to him in terms of which have already referred to Laura. 

Russian girls and latin girls

I was ready for it, but turned cold all over with her words. - Let me earnestly entreat you, Madame Fosco, and plead the graph to take into account the sad circumstances in which is now my sister. Russian women said this when I was beside myself with an unjust insult inflicted by her husband. She did not remember saying that, when uttered these hasty words. Can I hope that, taking all this into account, her words will be generously forgiven?
- Of course! - Said behind my back still naked.
He crept up to us in their silent walk, holding a book. - When Lady Glyde said those hasty words, - he continued - she made russian women The validity in relation to me, I weep - and forgive. We will not never come back to this, Miss Golkomb. We will try to bring these words to oblivion.
- You are so kind, - I muttered, - you take such a huge burden from my soul! ..
I tried to continue, but his eyes never left me, his terrible smile, hiding his true feelings, ruthlessly and relentlessly stuck to his wide / smooth face. My confidence in his infinite falseness, the consciousness, to which I am humbled, begging for forgiveness from him and his wife, brought me into such confusion, that the words froze on my lips, and I stood silently before him.
- I'm on my knees I beg you not to talk more about it, russian women Golkomb. I am truly shocked that you found it necessary to say so much! - With these kind words he took my hand - oh, how I despise myself how little I was comforted by the knowledge that I was subjected to this for Laura! - He took my hand and held it to his poisonous lips.
Until then, I've never felt with the utmost clarity, how great is my fear before him. This innocuous familiarity struck me as the most vile insult that a man could strike me. I hid my disgust and tried to smile - I was once so mercilessly condemning the falsity of the other women, was at that moment a false worst of them, was as false as that Judas whose lips touched my hand. I could not maintain their self-humiliation, though he continued to stare at me. Jealous as a tiger, his wife came to my rescue and diverted his attention when he took possession of my hand.

Russian girls and guns wallpaper

To put it in there, must-
to admit, it was not in my habits, besides, I did
could not remember when I did it. On the other hand,
I could not remember where, in fact, I dumped her, -
it is quite possible that this time I automatically put
it in place, and I did not break my head over this new
a mystery to me was enough excitement today
the day. I locked the door, put the key in his pocket, and after-
las down.
Madame Fosco was in the lobby and stared at a russian women. -There are still falling, russian women., I'm afraid that will rain again. - Her face was, as usual, pale and opaque. But the hand, showing the arrow to the barometer, noticeably shaking.
Whether it has managed to convey to her husband, as in my presence, Laura called him a spy? I strongly suspect that this is so. One thought about the consequences that this may be, fills me with horror - horror all the more irresistible that, in fact, I do not understand its causes. Madame Fosco had not forgiven her niece that she, herself without knowing it, stands between her and the legacy of ten thousand pounds. In spite of her feigned outwardly impeccable courtesy, I am firmly convinced of it. My confidence stems from different things that women are so well able to notice each other. All these considerations instantly gushed at me and encouraged to speak with her in the vain hope to use all my influence, the full force of my eloquence, that at least some way to atone for the insult to Count Laura.
- Can I hope, Madame Fosco, that you kindly excuse me if I dare to talk to you about a very unfortunate incident? .
Russian women crossed her arms and tilted her head majestically, without saying a word, and not taking his eyes off me.
- When you were so kind to bring me my handkerchief - I continued, - I am very, very afraid that you might accidentally hear the words of Laura, which I do not want to repeat and will not try to justify it. Ya just let me hope that you have not considered them important enough to mention the Count?
- I did not attach any significance to them! - Sharply and warmly said Madame Fosco. - But - she added, having become an instant ice - I have no secrets from my husband, even trifling. As soon as he saw my sorry face, I had to do his unpleasant duty to explain the reason for my disappointment. I confess to you frankly, Miss Golkomb, I told him.